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Stress and anxiety, often feeling like overwhelming pressure and worry, can majorly disrupt our lives, making it hard to concentrate or sleep. Hypnotherapy can be a helpful tool to alleviate these feelings and improve your ability to cope.

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Low mood and feelings of emptiness, like a grey day or a profound void, can lead to withdrawal and disconnection. Recognising these feelings is key, and hypnotherapy can offer significant help in understanding and managing these emotions effectively.

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Irrational fears and phobias, like exaggerated worry or dread over harmless things, can be overwhelming and disruptive. Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool in confronting these fears, changing thought patterns, and helping individuals regain control and cope better.

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Addictions, obsessive tendencies, and procrastination are complex emotional experiences, often linked to deeper issues like anxiety or low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to understand and address these emotions, helping to manage and overcome these challenges.

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Dealing with chronic pain, sleep disorders, weight issues, IBS, and stress-related skin conditions can be emotionally taxing, often feeling like a loss of control. Hypnotherapy can offer support in managing these conditions, helping to regain a sense of control and improve coping.

Therapy Sessions

My approach

I can help you to unleash your potential with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, a transformative tool to recalibrate your mind, break unhealthy habits, overcome fears, and cope better with life. Ready for a positive change? Let's team up on an insightful journey that harnesses your own inner skills and resources towards the life you want.


I currently offer new clients a free 30-minute consultation, with no digging around in your past needed. Find out more about me and my solution focused approach and let's get started!

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About me

From a diverse marketing career and impactful voluntary work in London to becoming a certified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in Manchester, my practice is grounded in my own life experiences, many of which mirror the challenges that life may be throwing your way.


Working with clients like you isn’t just a job to me; it's a privilege and a passion. Together, we can navigate the complexities of life, creating a path towards your development, happiness, and fulfilment. Your goals are within reach, and with my guidance, your open mind, and just a small amount of effort, you can achieve remarkable results.


Let's start this journey together!

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