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Hypnotherapy for unwanted behaviours



I'd like to share with you how solution focused hypnotherapy can help with unwanted habits or compulsions. This approach is really about focusing on the future you want, rather than getting stuck in the reasons why you're struggling with these issues.


Understanding addiction and compulsive behaviours


Addiction is like being swept away by a relentless current, constantly pulling you towards a substance or behaviour despite knowing the potential harm. This might be alcohol, drugs, or even gambling. It's characterised by an overwhelming craving, almost impossible to resist, then 'acting out', leading to a cycle of immediate relief followed by guilt, shame, and the inevitable return of the urge.


Recognising obsessive tendencies


Obsessive tendencies, on the other hand, are marked by persistent, distressing thoughts or compulsions. It's like an unwelcome, invasive tune playing on a loop in your mind. These can manifest as fears of contamination, a need for symmetry, or disturbing thoughts, often leading to repetitive actions like excessive hand washing, intended to alleviate the distress.


Putting it off. Living in the nick of time.


Procrastination is the avoidance of tasks that need to be done, often driven by fear of failure or discomfort. It's that feeling of standing on the pool's edge, hesitating to jump in. Procrastinators often find themselves in a cycle of anxiety and guilt, as the delay in tackling tasks only heightens stress over time.


The power of solution focused hypnotherapy


In solution focused hypnotherapy, we’ll concentrate on what you aim to achieve – imagining a future where this habit or compulsion isn't holding you back. This is a positive and forward-looking approach, and it's quite different from dwelling on the past.


In our sessions, we use hypnosis to speak directly to your subconscious mind. It's a bit like planting seeds of positive change in a part of your mind that's really receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking. This can help shift your perceptions and behaviours in a way that aligns with your goals.


We also work on building your strengths and resilience. You've probably had successes and overcome challenges in the past, and we can use these experiences to help you now. It's about recognising your own resources and abilities and applying them to your current situation.


A big part of this therapy is reducing stress and anxiety, which often play a big role in compulsive behaviours. We use relaxation techniques to help calm your mind, making it easier to let go of those urges.

Regaining control and coping better with life


The great thing about this approach is that it helps you break the pattern of the habit or compulsion. Instead of being caught up in the problem, we focus on solutions and positive outcomes. It's a shift in perspective that can be really powerful.


This therapy is very much about empowering you. It's a collaborative process where we find solutions together. You're in control, and it's about discovering your own path to overcoming these challenges. What's more, you'll likely find yourself feeling more capable and confident. Believing in your ability to change is a big part of the process, and it's something we'll work on together.


Our sessions are practical and action oriented. We'll talk about concrete steps you can take to move towards your goals, keeping things focused and efficient. Solution-focused hypnotherapy doesn't drag on forever – it's about making meaningful changes in a relatively short time.


Every person's experience with hypnotherapy is unique, but many find it an effective and supportive way to tackle habits and compulsions. It can really make a difference in improving your well-being and helping you move forward.


As your hypnotherapist, I'll guide you through this process, offering a space for positive visualisation, relaxation, and empowerment. I understand that taking the first step can be daunting, but I'm here to support you every step of the way.


So, if you're ready for change, or if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to take a proactive step towards a healthier, happier future by booking a free 30-minute online consultation. This is your opportunity to find out more about how solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you and to start your journey towards better mental health and wellbeing.

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