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🧠 Brain Science 101: Where Logic Meets Emotion.

a polar bear appearing from behind a british red telephone box

Welcome to the first of a series of five articles where we'll explore the complex workings of the brain and its influence on our emotions and reactions. Many of my clients have found this journey of understanding to be quite enlightening, and I hope, from this taster that you will too.


“You” are your prefrontal cortex


In solution focused hypnotherapy, we give special attention to the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is essentially your conscious self – the thinker, the planner, and the decision-maker. It’s the part of your brain that you know as “you”. Here, you process information, analyse situations, and make conscious choices based on logical reasoning. This intellectual powerhouse guides you through life's complexities. Yet, there's more to our brains than just this logical aspect.


Discovering the emotional depths within the primitive brain


Beneath the structured logic of the prefrontal cortex is a more ancient and instinctual part of the brain. The limbic system, residing here, encompasses the amygdala, the epicentre of our 'fight, flight, or freeze' responses and emotional world. Additionally, the hippocampus, vital for forming memories and habits, and the hypothalamus, regulating bodily functions, play critical roles in our emotional responses.


The intricate balance between logic and instinct


Consider an unexpected encounter with a polar bear. In such high-stress situations, the rational, methodical prefrontal cortex is overridden by the primitive brain's urgency. This survival mechanism, vital in our evolutionary past, can be mistakenly triggered in modern, non-life-threatening situations, causing overwhelming emotions like anxiety, depression, or anger.


Hypnotherapy to harmonise the mind and emotions


Hypnotherapy offers a unique method to rebalance the interplay between the conscious and primitive parts of the brain. It enables access to the subconscious mind, where many instinctual reactions originate. Through this process, we aim to recalibrate these reactions, aligning them with the conscious mind.


The transformative journey through hypnotherapy


Identifying triggers: Our work begins with pinpointing the events or circumstances that elicit your emotional or behavioural responses.


Engaging the subconscious: Hypnotherapy allows direct communication with the primitive brain, offering a chance to reshape ingrained patterns and behaviours.


Creating healthy responses: Together, we'll develop new, constructive ways to respond to life’s stressors, replacing unhelpful reactions with balanced, thoughtful ones.


Hypnotherapy is about regaining control, not losing it. By understanding and reprogramming the subconscious drivers of your behaviour, you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

When asked about the most surprising or unexpected benefit experienced from our sessions, here's how one of my clients put it:

"Realising how big an impact the brain has on everything, from how we feel to how we interact with others. Knowing that to be at our sharpest we need to be getting a good balance of sleep, interactions and thoughts. All of this has helped me think less critically of myself and relax more, amongst other things, leading to less stress." (JA, Manchester)


Taking the first step toward a balanced and empowered life


If feelings of anxiety, depression, or anger seem overwhelming, exploring the therapeutic benefits of hypnotherapy could be your next step. Understanding your brain's unique structure and functions is crucial to healing and empowerment. Trance, a natural state we all experience, often called “daydreaming” or “zoning-out”, becomes a potent therapeutic tool in therapy, unlocking the profound potential of your subconscious mind.


Start your personal empowerment journey with hypnotherapy


In my practice, significant results are often achieved within 8 to 12 sessions. This journey is about more than overcoming challenges; it's about unlocking your potential for personal growth and wellbeing.


If you're curious about tapping into the wonders of your amazing brain and using your innate skills to navigate life's challenges, I'd love to have a relaxed and obligation-free chat with you. Right now, I'm offering a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation and you can arrange this by scrolling down this page to complete my online form.


I look forward to our conversation!



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